• 🍔🍟🥤Why my t-shirt shouldn’t be the price of a Big Mac meal?

    The true cost of cheap clothing.
  • 🌡️Heat alert: how to stay cool this summer?

    Why opting for organic clothing during these hottest summer days on record?
  • What happens in Vegas... @ 500 Projects Of Love.

    Someone very special we finally got to meet deserves to be in the spotlight! Interview. 📝🔥
  • I 💜 USA

    Glossy marketing, greenwashing and other dubious practices... What's up with integrity in an industry that has been massively favoring profit? 
  • But first, TRANSPARENCY.

    What makes April so special for Bichōn? It marks the anniversary of the brand! Even better, the date coincides with the annual Fashion Revolution Week!
  • Did you notice our new signature?

    Bichōn, Slow Fashion Under The Neon.
    A revisited signature as Bichōn is about to turn 2 in April and asserting its identity.