Did you notice our new signature?

Bichōn, Slow Fashion Under The Neon.
A very fitting reimagining as Bichōn is about to turn 2 in April and asserting its identity.
If you know a bit about our story, no need to explain the ‘wink’ to the retro U.S. lights!
But is the concept of slow fashion familiar for you?

In a few words, we could define it as a ‘mindful approach’.
It is a noble force pushing in the opposite direction of fast fashion, over production, over consumption and disguised consumerism. The concept stems from our generation’s urgency to slow down, not lose ourselves in avarice and … preserve our one and only Home! You can think of slow fashion as a tree with many branches including mending, swapping and slow shopping like thrifting or purchasing new, as long as it is sustainable. Basically, a conscious choice to “bichonner” (“take good care of” in French) what is, what once was & can be reborn and finally what’s about to be.

Was this choice evident when launching Bichōn? Yes! Marilou, our Founder, remembers her grandma and role model, Mimi, spending countless hours either mending socks with a darning egg (would you?!), or knitting these furry sweaters, handed down through generations until officially too kitsch! Back then, global warming wasn’t a concern for Mimi but waste was. A shopping stroll was only motivated by the necessity to purchase a much-needed garment; from the fabric to the stitching and buttons, nothing was left to chance but mindfully considered to last as long as possible! A mentality which became a lifetime habit for a kid of World War II, a period of rationing during which every franc (the French currency then), butter block and woolen stockings were precious. This value of money, food and belongings was instilled in Marilou.

A teaching that eventually led to the creation of Bichōn 30 years later, an apparel brand of well-curated and “made to last” essentials. Forget the frantic turnover of the 6 seasons in the high fashion industry making money of planned obsolescence. Not to mention the 20, yes 20 collections the fast fashion burns through in a year “feeding” uncountable landfills.
Here at Bichōn, we take it slow. One year, one iconic city/state, one collection. And to keep up with some excitement, you can enjoy a few additions over the year, released with the flow of creativity!
Shapes and embroideries do not follow any trend, they are timeless, designed to never go out of style. Tees and hats will always be classics. So will the Miami Bi*** and What happens in Vegas… catchphrases!

And finally, because quality pairs with longevity, our creations are strictly made of combed cotton and organic cotton, manufactured to withstand the test of time.

Enough about us! Have you joined the movement to be part of the solution and still fashionable? Leave us a comment below and let us know your tips! If you see useful info? Tag us! We are always looking for new and positive changes to add to our list!


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  • I love this story!💘 and I’m so fan to Bichōn! Lo ng success⭐️


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