Our Story

Meet Bichōn®️, U.S. apparel brand born in 2019 of a Franco-American soul who was yearning to pay a hip tribute to its adoptive land. Its embroideries that honor iconic cities in the country intend to capture the bright side in any scenery and spread the good vibes towards all American lovers.

Bichōn®️, which advocates to shop slow, ethical and sustainable, features refined essentials for men, women and kids, Made in USA and 100% certified organic cotton. Since day 1, in an industry that needs a revolutionary change with people and planet valued over profit, Bichōn®️ has been striving to commit to the human, environmental, and economic concerns of today.          
Created by Marilou Desnoulez - raised in the 80s near Paris, the City of Lights - Bichōn®️ unveils a fascination for other vibrant lighting. With glow in the dark embroideries - the DNA of the brand - Bichōn®️ is a nod to the neon lights of the U.S landscape : from the Art Deco frontages of Miami Beach to the retro motels of legendary Route 66 and glitzy casinos along the Vegas Strip.

Philanthropic, Bichōn®️ supports several non-profit organizations dear to its heart. An overall homage to Mimi, extraordinary woman and grandmother who dedicated her life to noble charities, was passionate about “couture” and empowered Marilou to make of Bichōn®️ an exciting reality.

Now, how about bichōnning* yourself and your loved ones? Shop Bichōn®️ creations, a celebration of the neon-tinged cities of Miami, Las Vegas, New York City and California! 

*From French : spoiling

Photo credit : @sylvainvonk

And for the curious ones wondering about the story behind the name Bichōn®️, the mystery is solved here!