Your support

We here at Bichōn®️ are not just about fun essentials. Behind every creation, we stand for transparency, integrity, sustainability and solidarity.

Hence, when you shop Bichōn®️, you choose to wear a refined apparel while supporting bright actions:

  You support Slow Fashion

Bichōn®️ never gets out of style with the seasons! It features one collection per year with a few additions then to bring some excitement! Its essentials, manufactured in respect of ethical and sustainable standards, are timeless and qualitative to guarantee longevity!

 You support Made in the USA 

70% of our apparel is cut and sewn by our responsible partners located in the USA, otherwise in Nicaragua. In 2020, we have been starting the transition towards strictly Made in USA apparel. Supporting the local and national economy is a fair and obvious give back for a brand paying a tribute to the USA! This choice also guarantees a decent living wage and safe working conditions for our partners in the chain production, in compliance with all U.S. applicable laws and regulations.

 You support Eco-conscious manufacturing

 Our soft fabric is 100% cotton. We banish synthetic fibers that release micro-plastics in the ocean and end up as food for marine wildlife! In 2020, we’ve been initiating the transition towards organic cotton, meaning no neither chemicals nor pesticides! Our organic creations are certified GOTS and COS 100.   

 For both organic and non-organic styles, our low-impact dyes demonstrate a higher than average absorption rate, less water is required and it is recycled. Less dye runs off and it doesn’t contain any heavy metals or toxic substances.

 Our cotton and t-shirts are mostly sourced and produced in the USA, limiting our carbon footprint.

 Our packaging is made of natural craft material and our shipping pouch is made of corn starch, 100% compostable. 

 You support local non-profit organizations

 Your purchase of the Miami collection donates to Angel Watching Over Me.The donation finances the Miami Time Talks that help individuals who have lost a loved one.

 Your purchase of the Vegas collection donates to 500 Projects of Love.The donation helps the Vegas homeless community.

 “For every purchase, your choice has a human, environmental and economic impact. Shop aligned with your beliefs".