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When you shop Bichōn®️, you choose to wear a refined creation while supporting four core values we stand for: transparency, integrity, sustainability and solidarity.

In an industry that needs a revolutionary shift to protect the interconnected rights of humanity and nature, we're convinced that transparency is key! And your support matters.

At Bichōn, we’ve proudly joined the #whomademyclothes and #whatsinmyclothes movement initiated by the Fashion Revolution.  Pursuing our relentless effort to be as ethical and sustainable as possible, we’re constantly educating ourselves, identifying the best local and national partners, investigating their CSR practices and communicating about it!
Check out our blog and social medias in which we disclose many info about our supply chain and invite you to claim for this transparency.

Integrity is the foundation of our adventure; we operate in the strict respect of our work and personal ethics! We might not be perfect but we genuinely do our best! And your support matters.

At Bichōn, we feature primarily "Made in USA" essentials, an obvious and fair give back for the brand paying a tribute to the USA! 90% of our apparel is cut and sewn in the country (otherwise in Central America) and 100% of our embroideries are “Made in Miami”. Since 2022, every new creation we manufacture is “Made in USA”, a continuous effort in favor of the American economy and employment of the country. This choice guarantees a decent living wage and safe working conditions for our partners, in compliance with all U.S. applicable laws and regulations.

 At Bichōn, we offer qualitative clothing made of natural fabrics, in respect of our valued customers and of Mother Earth that hosts us! A promise of longevity, non-toxicity for you and better care of the environment.

As an apparel brand, we acknowledge our impact on the planet; it is then our responsibility to strive for sustainability. And your support matters.

At Bichōn, our soft fabric is 100% cotton. We banish synthetic fibers that release micro-plastics in the ocean and end up as food for marine wildlife! In 2020, we’ve been initiating the transition towards organic cotton, meaning no neither chemicals nor pesticides! Our organic creations are certified GOTS and OCS 100.   

 At Bichōn, our cotton yarns and creations are mostly sourced and manufactured in the USA, limiting our carbon footprint.

 At Bichōn, our low-impact dyes demonstrate a higher than average absorption rate, less water is required and it is recycled. Less dye runs off and it doesn’t contain any heavy metals or toxic substances.

 At Bichōn, our packaging is made of natural craft material and our shipping pouch is a smart mailer : either made of corn starch, 100% compostable or made from 100% recycled materials. 

Philanthropic, we stand for solidarity in helping some causes dear to our heart. And your support matters.

At Bichōn, part of your purchase of the Miami collection donates to Angel Watching Over MeThe donation finances the Miami Time Talks that help individuals who have lost a loved one.

 At Bichōn, part of your purchase of the Vegas collection donates to 500 Projects of LoveThe donation helps the Vegas homeless community.

For every purchase, your choice has a human, environmental and economic impact.
Shop aligned with your beliefs.