🌡️Heat alert: how to stay cool this summer?

It's no secret, the planet saw its hottest days on record these first weeks of July! And the forecast doesn’t look any cooler. With such alarming news, how do you stay cool this summer (and forever)? Bichōn has a feel-good solution that will spare you from fainting from the heat while making a positive impact for the planet and people: wearing organic cotton!

Here are 5 reasons to hop on this bandwagon ASAP!

  1. Super comfortable: Soft, lightweight, absorbent (ciao sweat rings!) and breathable, organic cotton allows heat to escape your body! Your best clothing during hot weather - apart from hanging out naked.
  2. Chemical-free: Did you know that conventional clothing often contains traces of pesticides, herbicides, and synthetic fertilizers? You can expect carcinogens and hormone disruptors such as glyphosate in your favorite outfit! Yeesh! Well, do not worry about the 8000 harmful chemicals you might expose your skin to (even worse when all sweaty!), by choosing organic cotton you are bichōnning* your skin, prioritizing your well-being and promoting a healthy lifestyle!
  3. Eco-conscious: The whole supply chain of organic cotton has a lower environmental impact: from how the cotton is grown to how it’s processed and dyed, mostly thanks to the lack of genetically modified seeds and synthetic pesticides. It limits soil pollution, biodegrades easily and overall helps to the preservation of our ecosystems, mandatory to fight global warming!
  4. Qualitative: Organic cotton is renowned for its durability because it’s crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. It tends to be better constructed, resulting in longer lasting garments that won’t fall apart after a few wears and end up in landfills. A superior quality that’s a win-win for you and the planet!
  5. Ethical: Organic farmers work tirelessly to produce crops without exploiting their workers and exposing them to harmful chemicals. Hence, by wearing organic, you are advocating for better working conditions and human rights; basically, supporting a more ethical and fair-trade system*. What’s cooler than this?

By incorporating organic fabrics into your wardrobe (cotton but also linen, hemp…), you’re keeping it cool: dressing comfy while making a bold statement about your health, the environment, and ethical practices. So, ditch the toxic fashion and take the organic clothing by storm! For this summer and why not forever? Organic is not just a trend; it’s a lifestyle choice! 💯


*At Bichōn, our organic cotton is mostly sourced in the USA, otherwise in India. It is not harvested in Xinjang, China, which accounts for 20% of the world's production and where alleged human rights abuse has been reported. Our creations are certified GOTS and OCS100.

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